Whole House Audio

Play your favorite music from any source in any room of the house

Our Whole House Audio systems are high quality and easy to use- providing your family with easy listening for years to come. Whole House Audio is the best way to extend the way you live in your home. Have your playlist play throughout the whole house so that you can move about without disruption. Alternatively, you can play different music in different rooms so that the whole family can entertain themselves separately.

Experience the difference

Streaming music from services like Spotify, Pandora, as well as your personal library is easy to do with systems from Sonos or Control 4. Everything can be controlled by your smartphone, tablet, or in-wall touch screens.

Directing music throughout your whole house is a “beautiful thing”. Typically, a multi-room sound system will have a pair of ceiling or in-wall flush mount speakers in each room with a volume control keypad in each room. Go one step further and be able to control not only the volume level but what source of music you want to be playing in each room.

Sonos Voice Control

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