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Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Protect your home or business today by installing surveillance cameras. SSS can install systems that allow you to view any area of your home on your tv, computer, Ipad or smartphone. Cameras can be installed inside and outside. Special features such as IR illuminators and intensifiers allow cameras to record night time activity.

A DVR(Digital Video Recorder) records activity and allows you to playback video to review for a particular situation. Similar to a DVD player you can jump directly to a specific activity by entering the time and date. DVR’s have many different settings. For instance you can set one camera to record only motion activity while another can record 24 hours a day. To save hard drive space most installations are set for motion activity. Cameras can be set to not record certain areas as well so your not recording for instance, a busy road and only the activity the camera was design to view.

To view a DVR over the internet you will need a high speed internet connection at the location as well from the computer you are viewing from. A back up battery is good to have on the system to help keep the DVR up during power outages. Surge protection on outdoor cameras is a good choice as well.

Video Monitoring Benefits:

  • Watch live video on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • View recorded clips to catch up on what you missed
  • Schedule recordings when there is motion, a door opens or the alarm goes off
  • Get video alerts instantly sent to you via text or email
  • Stay protected with tamper proof, off site video storage

Live Streaming Video

Watch live feeds from your property right on your phone, tablet or computer. See what’s happening anywhere on your property, at any time.

Video Alerts

Smarter than traditional stand-alone video monitoring, video monitoring is connected with your security system, allowing you to set recording triggers when activity is detected. You can choose to receive video alerts by text or email, and customize them by time, day, camera and motion.

Smart Clip Capture

Our recorded video features make it easier to stay on top of what’s happened at your property. Our video cameras work around the clock, hand-in-hand with your security system.

Continuous Recording

We offer the ability to capture 24/7 high definition recording through the Stream Video Recorder (SVR). It enhances the video monitoring service with the addition of a high performance, continuous video recording solution. The new solution captures a 24×7 stream of what’s happening at a property and provides cloud-based streaming and video clip access from anywhere.
  • 24/7 Video Recording
  • Remotely Viewable
  • HD Capture
  • Bandwidth Optimized

Smarter Security Starts at the Front Door

With so much activity around your front door, it requires smarter home security technology to keep it secure but also convenient to access. Now, we are able to give you even more awareness and control of front door activity with the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera, Skybell HD Edition. The smart doorbell camera is completely integrated into your smart home security system, letting you see who’s at the door whether you’re home or not, have a two-way audio conversation with visitors through your app, and even unlock your front door’s smart lock from the same screen.
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